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Library catalogue is an alphabetically arranged list of all bibliographic elements of all information resources/materials that presents in the collection of any given library.

There are many forms of library catalogue but OSSCE library is operating the following; the card catalogue, the online public access catalogue (OPAC) and the Book catalogue.

THE CARD CATALOGUE: This is when bibliography elements of information materials are entered on a 5 by 3 inches card. It is the mostly used form of catalogue in Africa.

THE ONLINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOGUE: This is a situation where bibliographic elements of information resources are uploaded onto the Internet through the library data base. To access information on this form of catalogue there should be Internet connection.

BOOK CATALOGUE: This is a situation where the bibliography elements of information resources/materials are entered in a book. Although this form of catalogue is not common this days because of its disadvantages, but OSSCE library is still using it for the purpose of satisfying the information needs and aspirations of its users most especially in the serial section of the library.


CARD CATALOGUE USAGE: Users are to use their knowledge of alphabetical arrangement to browse through the card catalogue cabinet to search for information materials of their choice. Users that want to use cards catalogue must either have a choice of reading a particular title or reading a book by a particular author or book on a particular subject. Users that want to read book on a particular titled e.g. Introduction to principles of Economics is to search catalogue cabinet labelled “I” to retrieve “Introduction to……………” Users that want to read book written by a particular Author e.g. book written by SALAWU, A.K. is to search through the catalogue cabinet labelled “S” to retrieve “Salawu……………..”. Users that want to read book on a particular subject e.g. accounting is to search catalogue cabinet labelled “A” to retrieve information resources on Accounting.

Users are to apply their knowledge of Alphabetical arrangement in searching for their needed information on the catalogue cabinet.

ONLINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOGUE (OPAC):- Computer literacy is needed to operate OPAC. Users are to login to the OSSCE website, then         CLICK LIBRARY, then   CLICK USERS;  TYPE ANY BIBLOGRAPHY ELEMENT OF THE MATERIALS YOU WANT TO READ and then press ENTER,             THEN YOU WIAT FOR THE SYSTEM TO UPLOAD THE OUTCOME OF YOUR SEARCH. If your needed materials is present in the library collection you are to copy the call number, this will tell you the section of the library  where the material can be found and shelve that contain the material and the serial arrangement of the material on the shelve.

BOOK CATALOGUE: – Users are to select their choice of materials from the book catalogue and copy the serial number of the selected materials and approach the library officers for the retrieval of the material on the shelves.


S/N Form of catalogue Location
1 Card catalogue Circulation section
2 OPAC catalogue Circulation section
3 Book catalogue Serial section